Snowman in a Coat!

14 Nov

Here we are, a week away from Thanksgiving and what are my children doing? They are setting up video cameras around the house so that they can catch pictures of Santa! Really? A month and a half early? Why, I ask WW. “It is really your fault” she said. Now, I have been married long enough to know that this is true, that it must be my fault (remember Red Green, “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess”) but feeling a little spunky, I asked what she meant.

“He was in your classroom. You taught him how to think like a scientist. You taught him to have to have evidence!” Yikes! Talk about Karma!

The more I thought about it, though, the more it struck me that I have shared with you my passion for teaching science, and hinted about a lesson or two, but never shared an actual lesson. Well, I am about to change that! Here, for the first time ever on Tim’s Classroom Musings, a science lesson for you to do with your kids (students, biological children, step children, kids you have running around your house, it really is up to you!)  So, without further delay, here it is, just for you. . . Snowman in a coat!

Snowman in a coat? What? What is Snowman in a coat? That is a darn good question. The basic premise of this experiment starts with the simple question: If you put a coat on a snowman, will it make the snowman melt faster or slower?

The worksheet packet (which is in .pdf format) will walk you and your students through the process of testing this question. This lesson should take you about an hour or so, and can be split easily by having them do the math portion at a separate time.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Science is important. I hope you enjoy this lesson! And what do you think? Will a coat make a snowman melt faster or slower???


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